Some activists have wondered if tagging the black square posts with #blacklivesmatter began as a collaborated effort to silence them, which other people stopped working to recognize when they jumped on the bandwagon. />Activists Say #BlackOutTuesday Posts ...Significant artists and record labels agreed to participate.This movement has actually spread on social networks, where companies, brands and people are publishing solemn messages featuring plain black backgrounds, in some cases tagging the posts with #BlackLivesMatter.On top of that, the rap artist T.I. the black lives matter movement timeline. posted about a separate economic boycott on July 7, encouraging followers to withhold cash in solidarity with black causes, likewise using the hashtag #BlackOutDay.By Tuesday early morning, thousands of individuals had begun garnishing their posts with the #blackoutday and #blacklivesmatter hashtags.

While these posts might be well-intended, a number of activists and influencers have mentioned that posting a blank black image with a bunch of tags congests crucial channels of information and updates. />Black Lives Matter hashtag U.S ...Soon, though, the idea spread beyond the music industry.